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VO Reel - Theatrical_VG

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Bobo Chang is a man of many voices. From when he sounded like his sister to sounding like his brother, Bobo has found many ways to manipulate the many tones coming out of his mouth to resemble a multitude of different manners. From accents to impressions to voices, Bobo has found he has a gift for making interesting noises, netting him work most recently dubbing for #Alive, a Korean Netflix movie, the videogame Blade and Soul, on the All That revival (multiple times), dubbing for The Stranded, a Thai Netflix show and Extracurricular, a Korean Netflix show, as well as previously on a popular tech company* commercial, Grand Theft Auto V, an animated series, and even as an old man for a trailer (see his Resume).


As his actual recorded portfolio grows, there's a deep well to be tapped into. So, have a project that could use an energetic dose of youth? How bout a great story or text to be narrated with warmth and great diction? Need a Scottish or a Korean baritone? You know you want a Matthew Broderick-esque nice guy for something! Fine, he'll sing his Louis Armstrong-style ballad or croon like a Sinatra (Nancy?), will that do? Alright alright, he'll do the trailer voice, happy?

Commercials, animation, narration, instructions, audiobooks, video games, etc., Bobo is willing and able, so please contact him soon for your VO needs. Or find him on Voice123, your ears won't be sorry!

*not allowed to discuss details due to signed NDA

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