A Year of Plenty

2013 is in the books and what a blessed year it was! Now 13 may be an unlucky number to some, but i don't believe in luck. 2013 divinely proved to be a very fruitful year for me! I was blessed incomparably, and when it comes to my acting career, there was at least a sweet highlight every month. Here is a recap of the wonderful things that befell:


  • The year started off on a tasty note with my Zaxby's commercial going on a short but tangy run (no longer available to view online)

  • In the middle of the month i discovered my PSA for Stroke Signs began to air

  • Before the month was over, a last-minute sketch i did with Ki Hong Lee was up and making thousands lol (theoretically)


  • Not sure if the groundhog saw his shadow, but you can sort of hear my involvement with this HIGH-profile tech company in this series of ads

  • My IMDB page was updated


  • Trotting right along, i did an internet commercial with Budo Videos, displaying my immense acting range in playing... an excited youthful Korean guy

  • I loved that so much, i did it in my own sketch that i wrote/produced/directed/edited and starred in titled "Vince Do Acting"


  • The showers began with a part in a web series based on That Deaf Guy (coming soon)

  • A grand Samsung commercial sprinkled in soon after

  • Then it started pouring, as i booked and worked on NCIS:LA as Fletcher


  • My voice got some mighty good run as i took a class with Vanessa Gilbert which produced me a commercial demo

  • A commercial for Draft Kings came my way, which seems to be currently airing its brains out


  • Oh baby! I had a couple spellbinding days, the rest buggered off


  • This independently released book featured my teen-like mug

  • Began taking a great class called Language of the Face with John Sudol


  • The 2nd best month in which babies were born featured myself getting to work on a commercial with a couple childhood videogame favorites

  • Worked on another web series titled "Miss Guidance" as Timmy, troubled son to the fabulous Elizabeth Sung's Ma


  • A month to remember began, starting with a Malaysian commercial featuring Maria Sharapova

  • Then came the fun U.S. Cellular commercial (no longer online as of this year! :(), helmed by Mr. Ruben Fleischer

  • It seemed like it was serving a sentence before it was released, but my voice was in a little game called Grand Theft Auto V, which only sold $1 billion of copies the fastest ever


  • Things got scary good, as my NCIS:LA episode aired

  • Paired with an interview i did with NCIS:LA magazine

  • Was definitely not tricked when i signed with Pardoe & Partners Talent Management

  • I was treated as i did an interview with Asians on Film


  • Thankfully, i got to work on another videogame commercial in a really fun way that i'm not at liberty to discuss

  • Auditioned and was called back for a series regular on a Disney Channel show, which would have been so fun


  • The wonderful season included a gift of a role on a new HBO show with a creator/writer whose work i enjoy very much

  • Finally, my latest reel wrapped up the year

That was just the tip of the iceberg for the year, but those are the bigger parts; the kind that, you know, sinks Titanics. With these and everything else, i will not soon forget this last year and all the amazing people i interacted with in this crazy biz--my lovely and hard-working agents at Daily Talent and manager Diane, the so very patient Casting Directors, the wise professionals that were friendly and willing enough to impart their clutchness, the faithful and familiar friends who are on this journey with me, the generous supporters, "followers", "likers" and "donators", the brilliant bigwigs and cool creative cooks that hopefully still won't regret trusting me enough with these roles, of course my me-bearing, helpful and stunningly beautiful wife, and finally, most importantly, my heavenly good, providing Father Who made it all possible and graced and gave me so much reason to rejoice all throughout, even in the hard, "starving actor" moments.

May this year be at least likewise as blessed for you and me!


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