Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Film/Television/Radio

Biola University, 2008

Robert Chang, better known as Bobo Chang to the cool people (that's you!), was born in weird, wet Portland, Oregon. The youngest of three in a Korean family, Bobo learned to keep himself occupied when he couldn't get the 24/7 attention he "deserved". After being forced indoors due to all the rain, Bobo developed his inner weird and desired to exercise his creativity, as displayed with the elaborate plots he created with his G.I. Joes.

While in high school, Bobo did the typical mix of attempts at artistic video and silly joking around with friends on camera. The art and silliness improved while studying film at Biola University, earning some attention and accolades. Upon graduating, he decided to go full bore with acting, as a means to eventually consummate his filmmaking passion.

Acting has kept him busy the last few years! But he's recently decided to focus on tackling his first passion of directing again and is excited to see the journey that lies ahead, as he feels his craft has only drastically improved since being on the other side of the camera. Bobo aims to not only make films that entertain, but also films that inspire and moves souls. He sees the potential this medium has to change the world, and by faith, he's going to play his part!

Blessed by God with a beautiful family, amazing friends, and young Asian genes, Bobo currently resides in Burbank, California. The best is yet to come!


Vince Do Guy Talk
Vince Do Guy Talk

Bobo is back as Vince! Vince is hanging with the guys trading stories of very interesting "encounters". Is he on the same page with these bros?

Tactical Girl Chills and Kills
Tactical Girl Chills and Kills

Julia Ling and comedian Terrence Williams star in this sketch featuring Tactical Girl and her strong opinions on remakes.

Vince Do Fall TV
Vince Do Fall TV

2015. Comedy, sketch. Bobo's involvement: Director, Writer, Producer, Actor, Editor

Vince Do Guy Talk
Vince Do Guy Talk

Bobo is back as Vince! Vince is hanging with the guys trading stories of very interesting "encounters". Is he on the same page with these bros?


Vince Do Guy Talk (2018)

-Director, Writer, Producer, Actor

-Comedy Sketch.

Tactical Girl Chills and Kills (2018)

-Director, Co-Writer, Producer

-Comedy Sketch. Starring Julia Ling and Terrence Williams

Tactical Girl - Job Interview (2018)

-Director, Co-Writer, Producer

-Comedy Sketch. Starring Julia Ling and Simon Twu.

Follow Me, Marky Lee! (2018)

-Director, Writer, Producer, Actor

-Comedy Web Series Pilot.

Pursuit of a Father (2016)

-Director, Co-Writer (with Ki Hong Lee; dialogue by David Henry Hwang), Co-Producer, Co-Editor, Actor.

-Drama. 3 minutes.

-YOMYOMF "Interpretations" entry.

Booby Prize (2015)

-Director, Co-Writer.


Vince do Fall TV (2015)

-Director, Co-Writer, Producer, Editor, Actor.

-Comedy. 7 minutes.

Vince Do Movie Review; Vince Do Fitness (2014)

-Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Actor.

-Comedy. 6 minutes/each.


Vince Do Acting (2013)

-Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Actor

-Comedy. 6 minutes.

​Fratervention: The End of Bro-ing Out (2012)
-Writer, Editor

-Comedy. 4:30 minutes.

-FINALIST in NBC Short Cuts Festival

The Last Yanyez (2012)

-Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Actor

-Sci-Fi, Drama, Comedy. 22 minutes.

-NOMINATED: Best Supporting Actor - Biola Film Festival 2008

The Transmission (2008)

-Co-Director, Co-Writer, Co-Producer

-Sci-Fi, Comedy. 3 minutes.

-Completed in 24 hours for the Apple 24 Hour Film Festival.

Elevator Going Up (2007)

-Director, Writer

-Drama. 17 minutes.

-NOMINATED: Best Drama, Best Production Design - Biola Film Festival 2007

-Screenplay selected in Biola's $1,000 Scholarship Contest for Biola Film

Teen Raptor (2007)

-Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Actor

​-Comedy. 18 minutes.

-WINNER: Best Comedy; Nominated: Best Screenwriting, Best Original Music - Biola Film Festival 2007

Chivalry in Modern Times (2006)

-Director, Producer

-Comedy. 5 minutes.

-Over 10,700 views on YouTube.

The Legend of George Strong Bailey (2006)

-Director, Writer, Producer

-12 minutes.​

-Winner: Best Actor; Nominated: Best Comedy, Best Screenwriting, Best Original Score -  Biola Film Festival 2006


Late (2005-2008) - Director, Writer, Producer, Actor

-Comedy variety show. Involved with multiple sketches and segments.

-1ST PLACE: TV Open Category - Association of Christian Collegiate Media