Teen Raptor

​2007. Comedy. 18 minutes.

"this ias the story of me and bmy best feriend, Scott. n High Scholo I went thrsrough some chganes taht attratcted soem enromous poapularity aned ig uess he got jeaalous adn stufvf. sry abtout the bade typighn--it'ws hard to teype with ratpro clwas!" -Teen Raptor

An award-winning and nominated* comedy directed by Bobo. Written by Robert Chang and Jacob Kindberg. A Deep Six Films production in association with LATE Entertainment Group.

*Best Comedy (won), Best Screenplay - Robert Chang and Jacob Kindberg (nominated), Best Original Score - Ian Perry (nominated) -- 2007 Biola Film Festival

The Last Yanyez

​2012. Sci-Fi, Dramedy. 23 minutes.

​When Roy discovers he is half "Yanyez," an alien race, his world is turned upside down as he must decide between going "home" with the Yanyez, or staying on earth with his half-brother, Drew, who he's never gotten along with. Meanwhile, the FBI is looking to finish what they started, and terminate who they believe to be "the last Yanyez."

Shot in 2008, this was my senior thesis film. It was nominated for the '08 Biola Film Festival award for Best Supporting Actor for Bobo Chang!

Pursuit of a Father

2016. Drama. 3 minutes.

Like too many a father these days, little Faith's daddy's work keeps him from spending precious time with his daughter. In a twist of events, he finds himself in a foreign world with only one sign of hope, one he must pursue until the very end. Will he find what he's been missing? Will he realize what is truly important, even when it was right in front of him the entire time?
In this "Interpretations" entry for YOMYOMF, Bobo Chang and Ki Hong Lee take the dialogue written for the contest by David Henry Hwang ("What is it?", "Of course." "I have my doubts." "What is it?") and together produce a story they wrote, with Bobo Chang directing himself and his real daughter, Prayer Noelle, as well as Tommy Snider, in an imaginative, thrilling morality tale.
Shot on the Black Magic Ursa Mini by Chris Warren, edited by Jacob Kindberg and with music by John Samuel Hanson.

Vince Do Fall TV

2016. Comedy. 8 minutes.

Vince is back with podcast man Tyler Smith ("Battleship Pretension", "More Than One Lesson") to talk about this Fall season of TV with much enthusiasm and humor! Will Tyler put up with Vince's short attention span for OH! Vince gets a little vulnerable, will Tyler show some compassion?

Vince Do Movie Review

2015. Comedy. 7 minutes.

Vince joins podcaster Tyler Smith (Battleship Pretension, More Than One Lesson) in reviewing the new Apes movie "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes"!

Vince Do Fitness

2015. Comedy. 6 minutes.

Vince decides he needs to stay in shape since his other trainer friend has gone out of commission. Miss Zoey (Tiphani Abney, Disney XD's "Mighty Meds") seems like she might be up to the task, especially after her previous client, Max (Miles Allen, the "homeless Breaking Bad" guy, sans beard!) proves too much himself.


Vince Do Acting

2014. Comedy. 6 minutes.

Vince, a bright-eyed Korean-American (probably more Korean than American!) tries his hand at acting by auditioning for a Samurai.
Bobo Chang, a real Korean-American actor stars in, writes and directs this comedy, drawing on his experiences as various superheroes like Spider-Man, members of the Avengers, Jennifer Lawrence, etc.

The Legend of George Strong Bailey

2006. Comedy. 10:30 minutes.

Sam Munson (Jacob Kindberg in a Biola Film Festival Award-winning performance) is a reporter that recounts the story of George Strong Bailey, Townsville's hero who saved the day (and the town) from ill-mannered oil tycoon Edgar Buckley.
Filmed entirely in front of a green-screen.
Film was also stars Alexander Carpenter.
Also nominated for Best Original Score (Dave Martina), Best Writing (Robert Chang), and Best Comedy in the Biola Film Festival '06.

Elevator Going Up

Trailer for the short film Bobo shot as a part of the Biola Production Class in 2007.

Scene from "Thelma and Louise"

​2007. Drama. 4:30 minutes.

A directing project done for class starring Michelle Anderson as Louise and Hannah Pizelo as Thelma.

The Transmission

2007. Sci-Fi, Comedy. 3 minutes.

Something is wrong with the transmission at the local news station...

Made in 24 hours, using 3 elements from a list of many for the Apple Insomniac Film Festival.

Starring Jennifer Garcia, Chris Hartwell, Tal Renfro, Jacob Kindberg, Nate Finfrock.

Chivalry in Modern Times

2006. Comedy. 6 minutes.

It's hard for chivalry to live in these days. Starring Les Rorick.
Written by James Browning, directed by Bobo.

Copyright Biola University, LATE Entertainment 2006

The Distance

2006. Drama. 4 minutes.

A project for Intro to TV/Film done as Bobo was a student, with Nathan Jeffers, starring Nathan Jeffers and Bobo Chang.

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